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  • Selected photo gallery
  • Chiarastella, my first KiSS doll
  • Ysabel, a new KiSS doll
  • Cihuamiquitzli, a story I am working on. It turned out to be a little more ancient-astronaut-y than I kind of intended, but then, none of my stories ever turn out quite the way I intended. The Tlaloxtec are not meant to represent any one particular Mesoamerican people, but are rather a summary of what I learned in Archaeology 341: Substance Abuse in Mexico. As a pronunciation note, "x" is pronounced "sh", and "nh" is pronounced as n with a tilde on top.
  • And part of another story, or a later part of the same story. I know Thora Sharptooth is actually an SCA person of some sort, but the name really does fit the character. Maybe someday, if this turns into anything more than just a fragment, I will try to come up with something more original, because I'm sure the SCA Thora Sharptooth is absolutely nothing like the one in this story
  • To help you get in the appropriate Christmassy Lord of the Ringsy spirit, here's a special report on the state of affairs at the North Pole, thoughtfully researched and written by Eogan

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