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Here are some preliminary sketches for another KiSS doll I think I'll do. These are clothes ideas only; the base doll will have a much more interesting pose than this. I'm posting this so I can get some feedback in the KiSS Artists' forum on Otakuworld. I'll also post updates here when I have them.

I've lightened up the shading and added some girl bits.
She has some snazzy new clothes, some more seventies than others.
She's not really supposed to be a Christmas doll at all, but she was kind of starting to look Christmas-y.
A background image I think I'd like to use. I'm converting it from a public domain photo I downloaded. I still have to do some more work on the fountain. The image on the top is my own attempt. The image on the bottom is using the same technique as Dark_Sidhe described.
She's going to have a bunch of mix and match of corsets, skirts, palazzo pants, and these sort of lacey muppety sweater coat things.
She's going to have a flight suit kind of like this, but I think I'll make the skirt a bit shorter.
In the story I wrote about this character, she kind of gets mistaken for an Aztec-style goddess, so I think she will have some ceremonial goddess clothes with big gold headdresses and lots of feathers and things. I don't have any sketches of them yet.


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