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by Shannon Ward
Copyright November 2002

Ysabel is my second KiSS doll. Here's the complete set of previews. She's available exclusively from Otakuworld. Cihuamiquitzli is the companion story to this KiSS set, rough around the edges though it may be.

Set 0: Clothes from Ysabel's home planet of Aguileria.
Set 1: More of the same.
Set 2: Flight suit from the Colonial Aerospace Authority.
Set 3: Colonial civilian clothes.
Set 4: Ysabel as the Tlaloxtec goddess Cihuamiquitzli.
Set 5: Tlaloxtec civilian clothes.
Set 6: Aguilereno clothes in Tlaloxtec fabric.
Set 7: Aguilereno clothes.
Set 8: Colonial clothes.


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