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This is my cover girl shot.  I was getting dressed outside of my tent, because I have a small dome tent, and as you can tell, it's kind of hard for me to fit inside the tent in a giant hoop skirt.  This guy who kind of has this thing for me (I think) came along and was taking pictures of me getting dressed, so I decided to pose for him.  Anyway, this picture ended up on the front cover of the next local newsletter, of which this guy was also the editor.  I would have felt better about it if he had asked me first, but I think it's a fun picture.
This is me with my fiance, Owen, at my parents' condo in Canmore.  We're getting ready to go to the Canmore Folk Festival.
Here I'm playing mini-golf with some of my friends instead of going to Court.
This is me outside the first Starbucks that ever was (Pike Place Market in Seattle).  It felt like kind of a pilgrimage at the time, but maybe that was just because we had been driving for 13 hours straight through the night.
This is a piece of garb I made.  I first wore it to an Avacal Winter Coronet tournament.  I also did the thing where you put rags in your hair to make it curly, like in Little House on the Prairie.
This is me and some of my friends at a Montengarde Twelfth Night.  I'm in the front on the left.  Going clockwise, Laura-Lynn Craciun, Jodi Dyck (HL Johanna Katrin), and my best friend Jean Allan (Lady Althea Serafina Renata di Gianbattista Tamborri).  Uncharacteristically, I had been finished my dress for about 2 weeks, but Laura had never sewed anything before and I was trying to get her in full Tudors for this event.  She looked great, but we were still finishing her dress at 10:00 in the morning the day of.  Jean's dress was actually not finished at all - she finished the embroidery and sewed on the sleeves at the event, and then we sewed her into it and tucked up the skirt with safety pins so nobody could see that it wasn't hemmed.
These are some pictures from Hallowe'en, in which I was sort of trying to recapture the spirit of my cover girl shot (see previous).  I was some sort of wench/sorceress.
I like to drink beer.
Here I'm drinking beer in Germany.
Here's kind of an arty shot I took of the staircase in our hotel in Germany.
"For the aspiring law student, your proud Dad presents you with Your First Beemer!"
Test drive of said Beemer.
Another piece of garb I made.  You can't really tell in this picture, but the dress is this really offensively bright purple color, and the trim is yellow, blue, and purple.
Here I'm in drag as Pier Francesco.  I was really proud of the pair of Pluderhosen (Swedish Poof-Dah Pants) that I'm wearing.  I bought the stockings in a goth supply store -- they're purple with silver hearts and daggers.
We went to the Calgary Zoo and were attacked by a ferocious bear.  Jean is already dead, you can kind of see her lying on the ground at the bottom of the picture.  Owen is having his arm chewed off.  Behind me are Kat (Jean's roommate) and Kim.
At the Zoo there's this giant fake stone structure that is possibly intended to represent the geography of central Alberta (dinosaur country - and yes, there are dinosaurs at the Calgary Zoo).  I was kind of eyeing it, and Owen said, "You are not going to climb that thing," which I had kind of been planning to do anyway, but then when he said that I wasn't going to I had to prove my independence by climbing it.  Owen stayed on the ground, so I've got my arm around Trevor (on the left) and Malcolm (on the right).
Owen and I took a camping trip.  My idea of camping is a 20 foot trailer at a KOA with electricity and running water hookups, a swimming pool, and a little general store that hosts ice cream socials on Sundays.  Owen's idea of camping is driving my car up the narrowest, winding-est gravel road in interior BC to a place with pit toilets and mosquitos.  Here I'm washing my hair in glacial runoff water.  It was really freakin' cold.
This is probably not the wedding dress I will wear, but I had all these pictures of wedding dresses from when I went to Vancouver, so I thought I would put one in.  I do like wedding dresses with red on them, though.
This is Owen with my grandparents' kitten.  Aren't they soo cyute?
I like to sew.  This is a picture of me attacking a pair of pants (first piece of mundane clothing I made in like 8 years) with the really, really cool Henckel sewing shears Owen gave me for Christmas.
I'm so sad about my car.  I really loved my car.  I really bonded with my car, especially after I drove straight through from Victoria to Calgary in one day, with just me, my car, some tunes, and the road.  However, I had to give it to my parents when I went into Law School, and then they traded it in for a gold Focus wagon.  How very stylish.  Okay, so a jelly bean shaped Contour is not so stylish either, but it was mine and I loved it.  This is the last shot I have of my car from when my parents were trading it in.  This was totally unplanned, but I think it's kind of curious how the way my parents and Owen are walking into the dealership looks a bit like the cover of Abbey Road by the Beatles.
This is a shirt that I embroidered.  I was working on it for about 18 months.  Yes, I know.  I'm insane.
This is my and Owen's teddy bear, Virgil.  He looks cute and innocent, but he's actually a fully grown Norwegian Bluegrass Mountain Bear and he can be quite vicious.  Two years ago at the Calgary Folk Festival he mauled one of the volunteers.  Some of his other pastimes are smoking pot and attending protests.
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