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A couple of weeks before I headed back to Victoria this fall, some of my friends and I went on a nice walk by the river to walk off all the cheesecake, birthday cake, and apple crisp we had eaten (and those were just the leftovers from the party the previous day).  Anyway, I think I got some nice twilight shots, though it might have been better if I had had my tripod with me.
More pix from the same trip.
When I stopped using my flash, the sky actually brightened in the pictures
This is looking out over the river towards Canada Olympic park.  In about the middle of the picture on the top of the hill are the two ski jumps.  The land right next to it used to belong to my grandparents.
Back in Victoria, Manmeet and I made this gigundous pear and cranberry pie.
We had a beautiful clear day to go to Saltspring Island.
More from Saltspring.
Now it's Christmas time.  I had nothing but job interviews over Christmas holidays.  I think I am beginning to turn into a Grownup.
Or maybe I'm turning into a KiSS doll.  Who knows for certain?
We had Christmas dinner at my house.  Here my dad and Owen enjoy some Christmas beer.
I gave my mom these teddy bear slippers from La Senza.
We had a really yummy dessert - pears poached in spiced white wine with chocolate sauce.
The next day, Boxing Day, Owen and I spent several hours working on the mammoth Boxing Day crossword puzzle in the paper.  The theme of this year's puzzle was "The Lord of the Rings".
I, um, really don't know what to say about these two pictures.
When all my job interviews were over and I got back to Victoria, I dyed my hair this alluring gothy shade of really dark burgundy.
I needed a picture to finish off my roll.  This is my computer.  In case you needed further proof that I am an obsessed fangirl, my desktop theme is of Isengard and Barad-Dur (the Two Towers).
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