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So, Owen and I went to England, but that didn't mean that I was able to stop drinking Starbucks coffee.  This was the Starbucks that we used to walk to from our bed and breakfast in the morning after we had eaten breakfast but before our all-day tube passes took effect.  I think Owen thought it was perhaps unnecessary to go there so often, but I'm not sure what else he thinks we would have done during that time (especially since we were "not going out" at the time we were there).
This is me at Greenwich, standing on the prime meridian of the world.  No, that doesn't mean that one of my feet is in Wednesday and one is in Thursday.  Actually, I don't really know what it means, but there I am anyway.  That was a really cool day.  We took the replacement bus service to Canary Wharf and then took the DLR to Greenwich.  After we saw the prime meridian we went to a pub called the Spanish Galleon and had good solid English pub fare.  Owen drank a lot of beer.  He bought me a variety of beer called Spitfire.  I still wonder if he was trying to tell me something.
This is the HMS Victory, the ship on which Admiral Horatio Nelson won his famous victory against the French.
So, we've mentioned that I like to drink beer.  Owen also likes to drink beer.  We found a beer festival.
There was lots of beer at the beer festival.  We also got souvenir pint glasses.
I got my picture taken with a Horse Guard.
This is the cliches of London shot.  In the background you've got the London Eye (this gigundous ferris wheel they built for the millennium, and no, I didn't go on it because I'm terrified of heights), then in front of that, you've got Big Ben, the parliament buildings, and a double decker bus.  All it really needs to finish it off is Nelson on his column, a flock of pigeons, and a bunch of crazed tourists (no, wait, that's who's holding the camera)
Speaks for itself.
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