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For Hallowe'en 2002 my roommate and I were Hogwarts students.  She was a Gryffindor and I was a Slytherin.  Here we're having a wizards' duel...
Left to right:  Manmeet, Alison (Owen's cousin), Owen, and me.
Left to right:  Manmeet, Owen, and me.
Here are some older pictures.  After the Titanic party, the next big thing was a murder mystery.  Jean was a starlet and Rob was a, um, lederhosen-wearin' guy.
Malcolm, demonstrating his usual photogenic genius.
At my Grampa's 80th birthday (that's me and my cousin Robin kissing him on the cheeks)
My mom really likes teddy bears.  In fact, she has three or four of the same teddy bear pictured here.  This one's name is Scrabble.  She likes to help us play scrabble at the condo in Canmore.  I don't think my Gran quite understands how we know what personalities our teddy bears have.
So, when you're making a corset, usually you use the duct tape and t-shirt method.  First you put on an old tshirt that you don't want any more, and then you get your best friend to wrap your ribcage in an entire roll of duct tape.
Once you're done with the duct tape, it's a good idea to cut your shape out again in cardboard to make sure it's not going to rub anywhere uncomfortable.
A couple of years ago, Calgary had all these art cows.  Jean and I were having a tourist day in our own city, and by sheer coincidence, we happened to be dressed to match these two cows we found down on Prince's Island.
This picture was taken on August 3, as we were lining up for the Canmore Folk Festival.  If we look cold, it's because we are.
Before I went back to Victoria this fall, I opened this time capsule that I had made in grade 6 or something.  It wasn't very interesting, except to show that the more some things change, the more they stay the same, so I wrote another letter to myself and sealed it up again.  I think Jean and Owen were kind of underwhelmed by it.
Jean and Owen came with my mom to the airport to say goodbye to me.  We got there with plenty of time to spare for a nice snack at Tim Horton's Donuts.  Mmm.  Donuts.
Gosh, I'm really short, aren't I?
But to make up for it, I have lots and lots of clothes.
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